WCFA is an international competition with Public Screenings in Cinema and Exclusive Awards Gala Ceremony to celebrate the best talents that the Independent Industry has to offer from the most prestigious competitions around the globe.

The World Class Film Awards (WCFA) is designed to honor and appreciate talented filmmakers who have overcome obstacles to create something extraordinary.

Be inspired, be extraordinary.

Prepare for an Exceptional and Exclusive Experience at The World Class Film Awards in Mexico 2024!

Our Mission

Our mission is to discover high quality and ambitious films, to promote filmmakers’ works internationally and to be an important asset in the next step in their career.

We aim to give recognition, exposure and respect back to the filmmakers, which many film festivals have forgotten to provide. Our commitment is to become the leading international platform for filmmakers to showcase their most outstanding work and gain inspiration for their careers. 


Elevate your career and honor your hard work by gaining the global recognition you deserve. You have put in the time, effort, and dedication to achieve your goals, and now it’s time to share your masterpiece with the world.

Let your projects shine on a global stage and inspire others to pursue their dreams with the same passion and commitment.



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